About us

We are Quantive Technologies, a renowned Salesforce and ServiceNow partner committed to using cutting-edge innovation to revolutionize organizations. At Quantive Technologies, we know that efficiency, agility, and seamless operations are essential in the modern business world. As a result, we are specialists in offering tailored solution.

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Our Dedication

Our dedication to enabling companies to prosper in the digital age is at the core of our culture. We help companies increase customer satisfaction, optimize processes, and spur long-term growth by combining cutting-edge technology platforms like ServiceNow and Salesforce with industry knowledge and creative thinking.

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What Differentiates Us?

Knowledge and Prowess

Our group comprises seasoned experts qualified in Salesforce and ServiceNow technologies. Our extensive knowledge base and practical expertise offer unmatched quality in project implementation.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every company has different requirements. Our methodology entails comprehending your needs and customizing solutions that flawlessly correspond with your aims and ambitions.

Client-Centric Approach

We put your success first. We prioritize candid communication, teamwork, and a client-centered approach to ensure that any solution we provide benefits your company.

Post-Deployment Solutions

After deployment, we continue to support and maintain our solutions to ensure their success and optimization. This is known as continuous support.

Our Selection of Services

HR Services Delivery

Using our ServiceNow HR Service Delivery solutions, you can improve employee experiences and streamline operations by elevating your HR processes.

IT Service Management

Use our ServiceNow ITSM solutions to streamline your IT operations and increase productivity and efficiency throughout your organization.

Strategic Portfolio Management

You may maximize portfolio value and attain strategic alignment with our comprehensive portfolio management solutions.

Unified Employee Portal

With our unified portal solutions, you provide a united and comfortable work environment for your staff.

Performance Analytics

With our cutting-edge performance analytics solutions, you may obtain insightful knowledge and make facts-based decisions.

Risk management

Use our solutions to mitigate risks and guarantee company continuity efficiently.

Data Integration

Increase operational efficiency by using and seamlessly integrating data across platforms.

Customer Service Management

With our customer service management solutions, you can provide outstanding client experiences and increase customer satisfaction.